Governance Group minutes 2022-01-27

Thursday 27 January, 10:00

Attendees: Petr Knoth (PK), Mick Eadie (ME), Paul Walk (PW), Nicola Dowson (ND), Beverley Jones (BV), George Macgregor (GM - Chair)

Minutes of last meeting

GM welcomed RGG members after the meeting hiatus. RGG members were satisfied with the minutes of 11/12/2020.

Actions arising from the last meeting were in relation to finalising the RIOXX v.3.0 beta draft and were confirmed as completed by PW and GM, leading to the publication of v.3.0 in July 2021. PW had been actioned with documenting issues surrounding dc:identifier and report back to the RGG, resulting in the adoption of dc:relation as a basis for capturing different expressions of works. GM was to update documentation for the use of rioxxterms:publication_date in the draft profile.

Resume of developments

GM reported that although no formal meetings took place during 2021, the RGG undertook significant offline work to update and finalise the beta profile in the months up to July 2021. Publication of v.3.0 has attracted some minor comment at the RIOXX GitHub repository.

It was noted that MoreBrains were commissioned to perform a technical scoping study on behalf of the UKRI to understand HE sector technical readiness in relation to the new UKRI Open Access Policy. GM reported on his meeting with MoreBrains in October 2021, the purpose of which was to discuss repository metadata requirements. RIOXX featured heavily in these discussions. PK reported that he too met with MoreBrains to discuss some of the same matters but in relation to aggregation, data provision and compliance monitoring. The findings of the MoreBrains work was presented at a UKRI webinar in December 2021. GM informed RGG members that a metadata compliance matrix was presented during the webinar, in which RIOXX was considered alongside OpenAIRE and DataCite schemas for their alignment with the UKRI Open Access Policy. PK was able to share this matrix and it was discussed by RGG members, with its inconsistencies in relation to RIOXX noted.

GM reminded RGG members of the original RIOXX v.3.0 raison d'ĂȘtre, which was to deliver a metadata application profile optimised for discovery and aggregation; but raised the question of whether aspects of the UKRI metadata requirements should be addressed while v.3.0 remains in beta. PW also reminded attendees of the attempt by UKCORR and the RGG to promote good metadata practice through a revised, politically independent, and less UK centric profile but highlighted the tension that can arise with application profiles: that implementing an application profile in order to be a good global repository system is an insufficient motivation for many institutions. A lengthy discussion of possible RIOXX revisions and the RIOXX position in relation to emerging Open Access policies ensued.

RGG members agreed that RIOXX should remain agnostic in its relationship with the UKRI Open Access Policy metadata technical requirements. However, it was agreed that there may be specific areas that UKRI policy has identified that may be worth further examination as part of the v.3.0 transition from Beta to Final Release. Since RIOXX v.3.0 remains in Beta this work should be undertaken soon.

  1. Action: GM to contact key individuals at UKRI to communicate RGG intentions and to highlight UKRI opportunity to engage in the RIOXX public comment process.
  2. Action: ND to email specific UKRI contacts with whom GM should correspond for action 1.
  3. Action: GM to begin a metadata a mapping matrix document (via a GDoc) and circulate among RGG members for wider pooling of work. Document will examine existing RIOXX alignment with the UKRI Open Access Policy metadata requirements and areas for possible enhancement.
  4. Action: Following completion of action 3, all group members to assist in the transition from Beta to Final Release. This will include addressing existing public comment from the GitHub repository.

SCOSS funding for RIOXX development

GM reported that a potential opportunity for SCOSS funding had presented itself to the RGG. In his capacity as COAR Treasurer, William Nixon has offered COAR support should the RGG wish to apply for funding. Such funding could go towards supporting the development work necessary to build the repository plugins, something considered important in profile adoption. PK noted that RIOXX may be considered outside the scope of SCOSS as it would not be service. A brief discussion about the potential of RIOXX as a tool to support greater efficacy in global repository interoperatility.

  1. Action: GM to submit expression of interest to SCOSS on behalf of the RGG.


No other business was raised


To be confirmed after completion of the above noted actions.

GM 28/01/2022